June 2, 2023 03:12

Unila Biology Student Achieves Achievement in National Level Essay Competition

Bandar Lampung, January 26, 2022. Two students of S-1 Biology FMIPA University Lampung, Ireniza Pradevi Mulya and Nur Indah Sari won 3rd place in the National Essay Competition (NEC) Nahdlatul Ulama’ Fair.

Nahdlatul Ulama’ Fair is a national level competition held by PKPT IPNU IPPNU University of Jember, where one of the competitions held is Essay Competition.


The Biology Team of FMIPA Unila brought the idea of “IslamGO: Prototype of Islamic Learning Application for the Deaf with Creative Video Learning Method Using Sign Language”. Through this idea, they managed to enter the final stage by displacing 47 other participants from various universities.

The final stage was a presentation conducted online through a zoom meeting on January 23, 2023. In which, the Unila Biology Team managed to get a score of 254 and occupy the 3rd place. [Ir-D]


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