June 2, 2023 02:26

History of the establishment of study programs

The bachelor’s degree program in Biology (PS S1 Biologi) at the Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences (FMIPA) of University of Lampung (Unila) was founded in 1989 based on the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education Number 07/DIKTI/Kep/1989 dated February 13, 1989.

The vision, mission, and objective statements of the PS S1 Biologi program:





PS1 Biology aspires to become a study program that is recognized by the international community in terms of research, teaching, and public services in the fields of biology, living natural resources, and the environment.

·   carry out education in the field of biology;

·   develop research in the field of biology that is in line with natural resource conservation issues;

·   carry out community service in the field of applied biology to improve the quality of life;

·   establishment partnerships with other institutions

To produce graduates that are:

(1) mastering the principles of biological sciences;

(2) skilled in applying biological sciences in various fields related to animal, plant, and microorganism resources;

(3) able to lead or carry out basic research and development of biology;

 (4) able to continue their education to a higher level, namely the Master (S2) and or Doctoral (S3) programs