August 14, 2022 13:53

Monitoring of Internship Students at BBPBL (Lampung Marine Cultivation Fisheries Center)

Pesawaran, March 21, 2022. BBPBL Lampung Province has become a partner of the Department of Biology, FMIPA, University of Lampung in the tri dharma of education, research, and service. This institution since February 2014 has become the Center for Marine Aquaculture (BBPBL) thanks to its various achievements in the field of developing marine aquaculture technology in Indonesia. BBPBL Lampung cultivates various types of commodities, in which this commodity is the flagship which is Indonesia’s export weapon besides shrimp. These commodities include Duck Grouper, Tiger Grouper, Kertang Grouper, White Snapper, Red Snapper, and Pomfret Star. There are even Vaname Shrimp, Cobia Fish, Clown Fish / Nemo, Blue Devil, Sea Cucumber, Seahorse, and Seaweed. The facilities and infrastructure at BBPBL Lampung are complete, there are Mother Tucks, Hatchery, Nursery Wards, Floating Net Cages, Fish Health Testing Laboratory, Water Quality Testing Laboratory, Natural Feed Laboratory, Ornamental Fish Laboratory, Nutrition Laboratory, Way Muli Installation.

KP monitoring in BBPBL is carried out by Dr. Kusuma Handayani, M.Sc., as the Head of the Biology Undergraduate Study Program, Dra. Endang Linirin Widiastuti, Ph.D., Dr. Nuning Nurcahyani, M.Sc., and Dra. Eti Ernawiati, M.P. The visit was received by Plt. The Head of the Center, Mr. Hanung Santoso, S.P. The visit was carried out as monitoring the students who carried out practical work at BBPBL.

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