August 14, 2022 14:10

Monitoring of Internship Student at Suhita Bee Farm

Bandar Lampung, March 18, 2022. As part of the process of monitoring practical work activities carried out by students, the Department of Biology, FMIPA, University of Lampung paid a visit to the Suhita Bee Farm, which is located on Jalan Batin Mangku Negara, Batu Putuk, Teluk Betung District. North, Bandar Lampung City. The number of students who do practical work at PT. Suhita Bee Farm consists of one student, namely Mahfud Sidik from S1 Biology batch 2019. One of the reasons for making PT. Suhita Bee Farm as a practical work location is to increase student knowledge about honey bee cultivation so that it can produce honey that can be consumed by many people. This monitoring was attended by 5 Biology lecturers along with the Head of the Biology S1 Study Program, and was the first step in the process of formulating a collaboration between FMIPA, University of Lampung and Suhita Bee Farm.

The type of bee that is cultivated at Suhita Bee Farm to produce honey is the Trigona bee. Trigona itself is a type of honey-producing bee that does not have a sting, or usually referred to as the clanging bee. Suhita’s honey bee farm in Batu Putu, Bandar Lampung is a representation of farms in several areas in Lampung. Together with partners, Suhita already has farms in Way Kanan, Tanggamus and Pesisir Barat. Active since 2014, PT. Suhita Bee Farm already has about 500 bee colonies spread over four areas. There are eight types of Trigona bees, namely Hetero Trigona ttama, Apicalis, Genoa Trigona torasica, Apis malifera, Apis cerana, Trigona lefiset and Trigone biroi.

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