June 2, 2023 02:39

MBKM Monitoring of Biology Students at BPTP (Agricultural Research and Technology Center)

Bandar Lampung, Thursday, April 7, 2022. As part of the implementation of MBKM activities, the Monitoring of MBKM 2022 Research Internship Students majoring in Biology, FMIPA, University of Lampung has been carried out at the BPTP (Agricultural Technology Study Center) Lampung at 13.00 to d. done. This monitoring activity was warmly welcomed by BPTP Lampung and attended by Dr. Drs. Jekvy Hendra, M.Si. (Head of BPTP Lampung), Dr. Ir. Nila Wardani, M Si. (Sub Coordinator of Program and Evaluation), Dr. Danarsi Diptaningsari, SP, M.Sc. (Sub-Coordinator of KSPP) and from the Biology department, Kusuma Handayani, M.Sc. (Head of the Department of Biology), Dr. Jani Master, S.Si., M.Si (Family Mathematics and Natural Sciences Team), Dr. Mahfut, M.Sc. (Coordinator of MBKM Department of Biology), and Dzul Fithria Mumtazah, M.Sc. (Lecturer of Biology).

This activity aims to monitor the progress of MBKM research for biology students at BPTP Lampung, namely Ireniza Pradevi Mulya, Mega Novrilia, and Kiky Rizki Nirwana as well as discussions on the preparation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation. BPTP Lampung. The BPTP institution is a technical implementing unit (UPT) of the Agricultural Research and Development Agency (Agricultural Research and Development Agency) in the region which was established based on the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture (SK Mentan) number 798/ Kpts/ OT.210/12/94 dated December 13, 1994. AIAT Lampung has two experimental gardens, namely K.P. Natar and K.P. Tegineneng. K.P. Natar is the place where 3 biology students conduct research on the effect of insecticide treatment on the growth of plant pests.

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