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Kegiatan Pengabdian Jurusan Biologi 2020-2021

Biology Department Service Activities 2020-2021

Establishment of a Cooking Oil Unit Shop as One of the Efforts to Manage Household Waste

Bandar Lampung, 2021. Community service activities in the form of training counseling and the establishment of a cooking oil unit shop (wamijel) which were carried out by inviting several PKK women in Bandar Lampung because we were still in a pandemic situation so the activities were carried out 3 times in different locations (Way Halim sub-district , Kedaton and Langkapura) this was done to minimize the number of participants attending. To ensure the quality and safety of soap products from used cooking oil, the product is manufactured and tested in the laboratory first. After this training, minjel waste from households is no longer discharged into the environment through sewers but can be used to make laundry soap which can improve the family’s economy.

Initiation of Governance for the Gapoktan Lestari Sejahtera, Sedayu, Tanggamus Tanggamus, 2021.

This community service activity is in collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance KPHL of North Kota Agung  and Gapokan Lestari Sejahtera Sedayu Tanggamus. On August 20, 2021, an online coordination meeting was held in the context of technical preparations for the implementation of community service activities “Initiating the governance of the Gapokan Lestari Sejahtera, Sedayu, Tanggamus area”, this meeting was attended by representatives of the University of Lampung, Rainforest Alliance and KPHL North Kota Agung and Akar Lestari Indonesia. In this meeting, information was obtained that the Gapoktan Lestari Sejahtera consists of 13 Kelompok Tani Hutan (KTH) groups with various garden landscapes, repong, rivers/curugs and Raflessia. Training and technical assistance for community-based biodiversity tracking, monitoring and management, carrying out community-based biodiversity tracking as the basis for developing approaches and targets for the protection, management and sustainable use of biodiversity, which in turn is for the preservation of wildlife habitats.

Microgreens Cultivation Training as an Alternative to Urban Farming for Family Food Security During the Covid 19 Pandemic And Its Business Opportunities In Environmental Activists In Metro City

Microgreens cultivation training as an alternative to Urban Farming for family food security during the covid 19 pandemic and business opportunities in the environmental activist community was carried out in Metro city online and offline with 11 training participants, the initial activity was carried out pretest and it was known that only 4 people out of 11 participants who answered correctly related to the definition of microgreen, meaning that only 36.36% of participants knew about microgreen, and it was found that 45.45% of participants could not differentiate between sprouted, microgreen and mature plants. Knowing the function of microgreens in serving food. The activity continued with the presentation of material delivered online through a zoom meeting with the material presented including urban farming, microgreen as an alternative to urban farming, microgreen nutrition, and microgreen cultivation methods. Meanwhile, for the implementation of activities that are carried out offline in collaboration with IAIN Metro lecturers, participants are taught to directly practice microgreen cultivation which has been previously submitted online.

Increasing the Socio-Ecopreneurship Value of Kampung Quran Jatimulyo through the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Bio-Economic-Based Business Strategy

The method used in service activities that focus on increasing the socio-ecopreneurship value of the Kampung Quran Jatimulyo (KQJ) with a black soldier fly (BSF) bioeconomic based business strategy is a cultivation workshop/training accompanied by implementation activities of BSF business model development planned in several stages such as an introduction workshop BSF cultivation, BSF cultivation with partners and BSF marketing assistance. The main focus of this service activity is to empower land managers and facilities in KQJ so that they have productive businesses that are able to help manage and finance education in KQJ.

Introduction of Types of Natural Feed for Livestock in Desa Tambah Dadi , Purbolinggo District, East Lampung Regency

Empowerment of PKK Women in Bandar Lampung City Through Training on the Utilization of Waste Cooking Oil for Making Laundry Soap

Bandar Lampung, 2020. Community service activities in the form of training on the use of used cooking oil waste for the manufacture of laundry soap, which were carried out in several urban villages in Bandar Lampung. Due to covid 19, the training activities were carried out by visiting PKK women whose homes were willing to be used as training venues by inviting 15-20 PKK women around the RT while still paying attention to the covid 19 protocol. Before the practice of making soap, there was a material delivery session. in the form of the dangers of using used cooking oil, how to wisely protect the surrounding environment and an explanation of how to make soap from used cooking oil. In addition, pretest and posttest were also carried out to find out that during the training process participants really listened to what was conveyed by the resource persons and this was evidenced by the results of the pretest and posttest assessments which showed an increasing number from 57.78 to 80.74. The community also seemed very enthusiastic about this training activity and hoped for further activities.