June 2, 2023 02:11

Continue the Management Estafet, HIMBIO FMIPA Unila Holds the Inauguration of the Management Period 2023/2024

Bandar Lampung, February 7, 2023. Biology Student Association (HIMBIO) Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) University of Lampung (Unila) held the Inauguration of the 2023/2024 Period Management. Monday (06/02) in LB 1.11 Department of Biology FMIPA Unila. . The inauguration was attended by Dr. Eng. Suripto Dwi Yuwono, M. T. as the Dean of FMIPA Unila, Dr. rer. nat. Roniyus Marjunus, S. Si., M. Si. as Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni, Dr. Jani Master, S. Si., M. Si. as Head of the Biology Department of FMIPA Unila, Dr. Kusuma Handayani, M.Si. as Head of the S1 Biology Study Program, Lili Chrisnawati, S.Pd., M.Si. as the Supervisor of HIMBIO FMIPA Unila, and representatives of student organizations in FMIPA Unila. . “I hope I can make HIMBIO a forum for HIMBIO administrators to be able to develop, both in the academic and non-academic fields. Because we are not growing up alone but we are growing up together, “concluded Muhammad Al Hafidz as Chairperson of HIMBIO FMIPA Unila for the 2023/2024 Period. [NI-Himbio-D] 
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