June 2, 2023 03:00

About Department of Biology

The Department of Biology, FMIPA, Unila, was officially established through the Decree of Dirken Dikti No. 07/DIKTI/Kep/2989 dated February 13, 1989. Various achievements have been obtained by the department in improving the quality and quantity of supporting facilities (laboratory and equipment). Academic qualifications of lecturers where 94.5% have master’s and doctoral degrees. The GPA of students per batch and alumni tends to increase, the absorption of alumni, and conducive academic conditions of the department so that they are able to win the title of the department with the best performance in the university in 2002, 2003, and 2007. In addition, it also became the second best major in 2004 and 2008.

The Department of Biology itself has many concentrations including zoology, ecology, botany, microbiology, and parasitology. There are many facilities and infrastructure that support the Biology Department’s learning activities including having two buildings and complete laboratories such as the Zoology, Ecology, Genetics, Microbiology, Biomolecular, Aquatic and Greenhouse laboratories.

Department of Biology Certified ISO 9001:2008

The Department of Biology also continues to carry out education in the field of biology that is relevant to the needs and potential that exists in Lampung Province, national and international levels, develops research in the field of biology that is in line with efforts to implement natural resource conservation and is oriented towards the development of science and technology in the community, collaborates partnerships with government and private institutions/agencies in the context of developing the tridharma of higher education.